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***Entire Package (including Work Permit) only needs to be completed if not employed by RYBSA in the immediate prior season. Otherwise, just complete Applicant Information section of Employment Application and any other forms with changes for the current year***

-Umpires to be at least 13 years in age; Concession workers to be at least 14 years in age

  • Complete Employment Application.
  • Complete Direct Deposit Authorization Form.  Note:  Required access to a direct deposit bank account for payroll.  No checks will be distributed.
    • Attach “VOIDED" check to verify checking accounts for direct deposit. 
  • For Applicants under the age of 16, complete Work Permit Employer Letter and bring the letter and the following items to Village of Richfield to obtain a work permit:
    • Original birth certificate or other acceptable proof of age like a duly attested birth certificate, verified baptismal certificate or a driver’s license or photo ID card issued by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.
    • Social Security card.
    • $10 work permit fee.   Note:  RYBSA will reimburse the $10 work permit fee on the Applicant’s 1st payroll.  Obtain receipt from Village of Richfield and email to our Treasurer at .
  • Complete IRS Form W-4 (Fill-in Form)-CLICK HERE.  Note: Additional optional form, Wisconsin Form WT-4, should be completed only if the Applicant claims a different number of withholding exemptions for Wisconsin withholding tax purposes as for Federal withholding tax purposes.  Wisconsin form can be found at www.revenue.wi.gov.     
  • Email the following completed and signed items to our Treasurer at :
    • Employment Application.
    • Direct Deposit Authorization Form.
    • IMPORTANT: INCLUDE COPY OF “VOIDEDCHECK if using a checking account for direct deposit.
    • Copy of Work Permit Employer Letter.
    • Copy of valid work permit issued by Village of Richfield.
    • Village of Richfield receipt for Applicant’s payment of $10 work permit fee.
    • IRS Form W-4 and optional Wisconsin Form WT-4.
2020 RYBSA Sponsorship Form.pdf - CLICK HERE
-A great way to advertise and support our only community baseball/softball program.  For more information, please contact our Sponsors Coordinator.  Please send completed form and check to RYBSA, PO Box 203, Richfield, WI 53076.

Volunteer 4 RYBSA Instruction Form.pdf - CLICK HERE
-Find out how to volunteer for the 2018 season, as well as what activities qualify for the $50 volunteer credit.